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Literacy and Outreach - Adult Literacy Tutor Training Program

Literacy builds a better community!  Since 1987, Sandusky Library's "Pass the Word - Read!" Adult Literacy Program has been providing one-on-one tutoring for area adults who would like to learn to read or improve their reading skills.  Students are paired with volunteer literacy tutors who have received certification in the Laubach Way to Reading, after completing a workshop.

Our program is for adults, 16 years or older, who want to improve their reading and writing skills.  It is a program with volunteer tutors teaching the adult learners reading, writing, spelling, and comprehension.  This is a free program.  The pair meets regularly once or twice a week for 60-90 minutes until the goals of the adult learner are reached.

What is Literacy? 

"An individual's ability to read, write, speak in English, computer, and solve problems at levels of proficiency necessary to function on the job and in society; to achieve one's goals; and to develop one's knowledge and potential."  (National Literacy Act of 1991)

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Defining and Measuring Literacy

Between 1.3 to 1.5 million Ohioans scored in the lowest literacy level assessed on the Ohio Adult Literacy Survey conducted by Educational Testing Service in 1992.  These individuals are unable to consistently perform functions such as locating an intersection on a map, writing a brief letter explaining an error in a bill, identifying and entering information on an application for social security, and determining the different in price between two items.

For Ohio's population 25 years and over, 4.5% have an education level of less than 9th grade, and 12.6% have an education level of between 9th and 12th grade with no diploma.  To view Sandusky's facts, click here and enter "Sandusky, Ohio" in the search window, located on the top, right hand side of the page.

Because of the need of this service, the Library has this reading program.  The Library has a list of volunteer tutors.  To become a volunteer tutor, you must attend an Adult Literacy Tutor Training Workshop.  Our Adult Literacy Tutor Training Workshops are announced in the local newspapers, in upcoming newsletters, or on flyers posted in the Library. After completing the course, adult volunteer tutors and adult students meet at the Library at their mutual convenience. There is no cost to participate.

The Library is, of course, the perfect place for learning to read.  Some of the best books to start reading, even for adults, are the fun and rhythmic text found in our Children's Services department.  Authors of such books that beginning readers enjoy are Dr. Seuss and Bill Peet.  Classic tales for young people are also suggested.  For grade level books and reluctant reader books, click here.

The volunteer tutors need a variety of materials for the adult learner and must find books with easy reading but high interest.  These adults have a varied background and would enjoy a book that they could relate to.  Information is available for books on different subjects with a list of key words.  Click here for this information.

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Would you like help with ESL (English as a Second Language) as a student or tutor?  Check these sites for grammar, tense, and verbs or vocabulary help:

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Click here to download Literacy Volunteer Application


For more information, contact:
Sherry Hargrove, Literacy Associate
Sandusky Library, 419-625-3834